Welcome to the De Noia family, a growing community of  retailers,  hotels and restaurants serving the finest seafoods. De Noia Seafood is proud to offer your business the very best fresh,  and  smoked  salmon at competitive wholesale prices.   We are dedicated to expanding our business without ever sacrificing the quality  on which we have built our reputation.

De Noia Fish offers the following wholesale salmon products:

Whole Salmon fresh, gutted and clean, sizes 1-8kg
Salmon Fillets fresh, skin on or off, sizes 900gm-3kg+
Salmon Portions fresh, skinless,bonless,150gm under vacuum
Smoked Salmon Fillets whole, sizes 1-4kg+ under vacuum
Smoked Salmon Slices thinly sliced, sizes 100-500gm under vacuum
Smoked Salmon Ritagli (irregular cuttings) grade A or B, 500gm under vacuum
Smoked Salmon Trout Fillets whole, sizes, 800gm-1kg under vacuum
We search Norway, Scotland, Canada and Iceland for the best quality fish, and make sure that any supplier we trade with is in strict accordance with the standards of the HACCP.  We deliver  directly  from  the  leading  producers to your business, quickly and efficiently.  To find out more about our products and services, send your inquiry  to lesley@denoiafish.com . Thank you, and we look forward to doing business with you. 




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