Conventional wisdom says a healthy diet is one that is low in fat and, invariably, short on flavor. We beg to differ.  Seafood  offers limitless possibilities to add valuable nutrients to your diet, without ever sacrificing taste. 

Countless  medical studies  show  the  nutritional  benefits  of seafood.  While providing  an excellent source  of  high   quality protein that's low in saturated fat,  seafood  is also rich in many essential minerals and vitamins.  Simply look at  the  longevity  of  people  in  countries     where seafood is a mainstay of the diet. Traditional  Asian,   Alaskan,  and  of  course  our  favorite - Mediterranean  diets  are  rich  in  seafood.  These   populations boast  a   remarkably  low occurrence  of  cardiovascular disease. 

Naturally high in vitamins, seafood contains vitamins E,  C,  D and  A. Some varieties are  especially  high in  antioxidant  E,  which has proven to lower the risk of heart disease by reducing  buildup  of plaque  in  coronary  arteries.  Some  varieties  also  have  vitamin C (another popular antioxidant) which can help to strengthen the immune system.  
Seafood is also naturally high in  many essential minerals (including zinc, iron,      and calcium ).  Canned tuna ,  salmon,    and  sardines which include soft edible   bones   are  an  excellent   source   of   calcium.   Salmon   is   a   particularly 
healthy choice of seafood  because of 
it's high concentrations of Omega 3 oils.

This is a very "heart smart" unsaturated fat.  Omega 3 has been shown to decrease  the  risk   for    heart   disease,   reduce   blood  cholesterol  levels,  fight  inflammation and clotting  in the  blood  vessels,   and  even bolster  the   immune   system.   Ongoing medical studies continue to  suncover new preventative   and   curative   Omega  3 attributes. 
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