The De Noia family has been serving Merano and the surrounding Alto Adige region for over  40  years.  We have  built a strong reputation for excellence, hand picking the very best fish,  the  liveliest  lobsters,  and  tastiest shellfish  for  over 200  of   the  area's  finest hotels and restaurants.   As  a  result,  a  whole  Merano   generation  has  been  raised   on   seafood   from    De Noia.  Until  now ,  our  services  have only  been   available   to   customers  and businesses in   our beautiful northern Italy.  
 But now, through our web site, we are proud  to offer our family's products to you, wherever you are. 

Giovanni Mecenero De Noia,  began the company in 1965 when  he was  25 years old   and since then, has worked tirelessly to develop a  reputation for    the finest quality, exacting standards and,  of course ,   personal attention.    Together with Giovanni, his  sons Claudio   and Giuseppe are  pleased       to  begin  a new  chapter in       the  history of the   De Noia Pescheria. On this site we  intend to offer  services for  both retail  and wholesale customers.   
 In our online store, we offer the same  packaged seafood products that we sell to the residents   of Merano.  You will find delicious  smoked fishes including salmon, trout, and swordfish.
If  there  is  any  product you  would  like  us to supply and you  don't  see it listed  here,   simply  ask  and  we  will  do our  best to  find it. In our wholesale section,  we  will offer    trading  services for seafood quantities of  a minimum  of 1,500 kgs (a full container load). This allows us to ensure  the  temperature  of  our shipments, and deliver the product  in  the best  possible  condition.   
If you  are interested in  becoming one  of our  registered  suppliers or trading partners, please apply in the wholesale section of the site. Dedicated  to offering its customers  the   best   product ,  De  Noia   is certified   as        an      HACCP      approved establishment. We  utilize  a  strict  quality  control  system to  guarantee    high    standards   and  are  always  searching  for ways  to improve    our       standards   even   further.  We  are committed  to the industry and work hard  to   develop  our  relationships with the very best suppliers that are closest to the source. 
Our main objective  is  to offer a level of unsurpassed quality and service that ensures long term relationships with suppliers and customers. 
We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website and encourage you to contact us with any feedback or suggestions you may have.
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